Acceptable Use Policy


1. Acceptable Use Policy

The purpose of our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is to ensure that all our customers:

  • – can access our services; and
  • – do not use our services in a manner that we consider ‘unacceptable’

In addition, the Acceptable Use Policy sets out your responsibilities when you use the internet, including any content which you publish online or by email.

2. Unacceptable use

You may not use our services in any manner which improperly interferes with another person’s use of our services or for illegal or unlawful purposes.
Here are some examples of uses which we consider ‘unacceptable’. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list:

  • – using the service to send unsolicited or unwanted commercial electronic messages to individuals or businesses;
  • – using the service to gain improper access to another person’s private or personal information;
  • – using the service to distribute or make available indecent, obscene, offensive, pornographic, illegal or confidential material;
  • – using the service to defame, harass or abuse anyone or violate their privacy;
  • – contravening any applicable laws when you use the service;
  • – using the service to distribute or make available material that is misleading or deceptive as to your identity;
  • – infringing intellectual property rights, including copyright, when you use the service;
  • – using the service in a manner designed to compromise the security or interfere with the operation of the service or any other computer, system or network.
  • – using the service to: send, allow to be sent, or assist in the sending of Spam, use or distribute any software designed to harvest email addresses, or otherwise breach the Spam Act 2003 or any regulations made under the Spam Act 2003.


3. Breach of the Acceptable Use Policy

If you breach any part of this Acceptable Use Policy, we will usually contact you and, if appropriate, ask you to modify your use of the service. If you do not modify your use of the service we may suspend or cancel your service.

However, in certain circumstances such as illegality, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your service immediately and without notice to you.