Payment Terms

Payment Terms


Payment & Billing Information

This page outlines the format of their bills, payment and billing options, the billing periods and frequency, the means by which a bill is delivered and any terms and conditions that may apply to you.

1. Minimum Service Duration & Cancellation Charge

We may offer a variety of services with minimum duration as follow:

Some charges as payable in advance e.g. setup fee, installation fee & hardware purchases, while other charges may be payable only after a service has been used e.g. phone Call usages.

2. Charges

Our charges are as per our price list, or as we otherwise advise.

Each plan is different and charges vary, but commonly include a set up fee, a monthly access charge, and usage-based charges.  The category and service terms, with our price list, indicate when charges are payable, and the types of charges that apply.

3. Billing

We usually bill you 1 month in advance for the fixed rate internet subscription (e.g. broadband internet). The bill will be generated and sent to you via electronic form (email) on every 5th of the calendar month. The first bill will be sent in the following month on which your contract started, with the partial amount calculated on prorata basis. Some plans have a different manner of billing e.g. web hosting may be billed annually in advance.

We may bill you for some charges before we provide service, e.g. set up charges, charges for goods, and fees payable to third parties.

Billing for the service usage which is charged in the addition of the monthly fixed rate (e.g. phone call usage) will be charged in the following month after the usage occurred.

We deliver a bill electronically via email. Our invoices are conclusive evidence of the amount payable, but we will act reasonably when considering a genuine billing dispute.

Customers have the option to have invoices posted to their home address; however, AFTEL will charge an administration fee of $4.00 per statement each time an invoice is mailed by post, in the spirit to the conservation of the environment.

4. Discount, Credits or Rebates

If we offer a discounted rate it will be built into the rate in our price list, advertised on our website or offered by us in writing.

5. Payment Methods

You may pay us by credit card, direct debit, or bank deposit, unless otherwise specified in a plan or specifically agreed upon prior the service started.

Credit Card Payment Processing Fees: No surcharge for payment by VISA / Mastercard credit / debit card. The rate for American Express (AMEX) is 3.00% of the payment amount per transaction, plus applicable GST.

There are no charges for Direct Debit. A dishonour fee of $4.00 is applicable for each unsuccessful Direct Debit attempt by Advanced Future Technology to a customer. Please ensure that balance is available prior to debit date (usually every 20th of the month).

If we ask for it, you must pay an advance deposit as security for future charges.

If you have a genuine dispute with our invoice, you must still pay the disputed amount, and then, you must notify us of the dispute within 14 days from the date of the invoice.  This does not affect any rights you may have to complain to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, Consumer Affairs or similar bodies.

If you pay late, we can charge a late fee and / or daily interest.


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